Monday, November 30, 2009

Photos of the layout

The Track Plan

The final track plan as delivered to Dan. There were two modifications that he made during construction, but other than that it is as-is. He added a reversing loop behind the round house, which I had in the original plan but removed. He also changed the wye slightly by taking out one of the turnouts and lengthening the siding. I don't recommend this change because it hurts the operating potential.

Welcome to the Georgia Soutern!

Dan Berman asked me to design a layout for him based on his love for the Southern Railway, from which he retired. He built a building and by the time he was done, this track plan was ready for him.

The layout, as of this writing, is operational and now having scenery added to it.

It was recently featured on the Piedmont Division's now famous Piedmont Pilgrimage layout tour.

The layout is affectionately known as...